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TASTE is an online magazine written for people who love to cook at home and enjoy reading about approachable recipes, popular and emerging ingredients, and stories reported from the frontlines of today’s quickly moving food culture.

America is a diverse place, and people of all backgrounds are cooking from a wide range of cultures. Fish sauce, za’atar, chipotle, ‘nduja, Chinese black vinegar, pomegranate molasses, kimchi—these are some of the ingredients that are now found in the modern American pantry, and informing how we cook. That pan of Valencian paella? That pot of Charleston she-crab soup? A plate stacked with crunchy, double-fried Korean fried chicken? These dishes are no longer labeled “ethnic food”—in 2017, this is dinner!

TASTE publishes stories that celebrate and explore this evolution, that bring you closer to the talented cooks who inspire, and help you experience more good living through good cooking at home. Happy reading, and happier cooking!

Matt Rodbard

Anna Hezel

Alex Citrin

Rachel Khong
J. Ryan Stradal
Michelle Davis and Matt Holloway
Catherine Gambrell


Please read our contributors guide for more information about pitching TASTE.

A few times a year, TASTE publishes original fiction. We cast a wide net here, so long as the story is somehow food-related—it could be anything from a fanciful restaurant review to fake reportage to a heartbreaking story about pickled beets. Please check out our Spring 2017 Fiction Issue for an example the range of styles and lengths. Submit your completed stories and questions to J. Ryan Stradal at kitchens.midwest@gmail.com.

Photo: Neal Santos

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